Grade Certificates

The Lot Grading Certificate for both rough and final grade approvals must contain certain necessary information:
  • Certification by an Alberta Land Surveyor
  • Name of the Company that produced the "As Built" Certificate
  • Property Information: Legal Description and Municipal Address
  • Surface Condition of the Lot: i.e., Clay, Topsoil, Sod, or Landscaped
  • Note indicating that the Grading is subject to the approval of the Local Authority
  • Design and existing elevations referenced to metric geodetic datum, with an asterisk designating existing elevations that exceed the grade tolerance
  • As-built elevations of structures such as: retaining walls, sidewalks, driveways, fences
  • As-built elevations of the adjacent property, if landscaped, at the design elevation locations
  • Foundation grade elevations with an additional elevation 2-3 metres from the back of the house
  • As-built property-line (swale) elevations opposite the corners of the building, for locations that are more than 3 meters from a design point
  • Elevation of as-built high point on split grade lots, if location is different from the design
  • Date of Survey
  • Scale of drawing
  • House layout
  • North Arrow
  • Drainage Easements and Right-of-ways
  • Detailed Surveys for lake lots require the location and elevation of structures or features within the Maintenance and Overflow Area
  • Lot Orientation is Portrait, with the rear of the lot at the top of the page and the "FRONT" of the lot labeled
  • Name of the applicant and the information required to send inspection reports or grading approval i.e., Mail, fax number or e-mail address
Additional Information
Further information about submitting the certificate, the inspection fees, and other formal requirements are listed under the respective pages for each stage.

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