Requirements - Overview

The City of Edmonton lot grading standards require that all lots in new subdivisions conform to an approved Surface Drainage Plan (Lot Grading Plans). Approval for grading must be obtained at two stages during lot development. Generally, the homebuilder is responsible for obtaining rough grade stage approval, and the homeowner for the final grade stage (for more information, see Approvals).

The guidelines provided here will help you ensure that your lot and building meet the conditions for approval.

Additional Information

In new subdivisions, developers often require a refundable deposit to ensure conformance with the lot grading plan and architectural guidelines. Inquiries about deposits or architectural guidelines should be directed to the homebuilder or developer.

When purchasing a home in a new or existing subdivision, you should check if the lot grading meets approval. Drainage Services will only release this information upon receiving a written request from a law firm or realtor firm. This information is collected under the authority of Section 32 (c) of the Freedom of Information and Privacy Act (FOIP) and is used to maintain business practices for lot grading purposes. It is protected by the privacy provisions of FOIP.

Once final grade approval has been given, it is the homeowner's responsibility to maintain the surface grade, to the standards established at the time final grade approval was given, in perpetuity. The City of Edmonton may, at any time, require maintenance on the surface grading (lot grading) if alterations or settlements result in surface drainage problems. This requirement is enforceable under provisions of the Surface Drainage Bylaw No. 11501.

Maintenance and Enforcement

Lot Grading Inspection Reports, Non-Compliance or Non-Conformance letters or a Notice to Comply can be utilized to convey notification of impending enforcement to the owner, builder, contractor, applicant or developer. Fines will be imposed for those properties that do not comply with the Lot Grading Requirements or contravene the provisions of the Surface Drainage Bylaw No. 11501. Fines for Non-Compliance start from $300.00 per day. Each day during which such contravention continues may be deemed to be a separate offense. In most cases, notification is sent to the current registered property owner, since the owner is responsible for the maintenance of lot grading. This bylaw is enforceable for all properties. In deciding whether to enforce this bylaw, the City may take into account any practical concerns, complaints and inquires. Though most complaints are in areas of the City that do not have any Lot Grading Plans (approximately three-quarters the City), our department does not provide any funding for repairs to surface grading. Each property owner in the City is responsible for their own lot grading. See "Surface Drainage Problems" for information on how to deal with drainage problems in older areas (developed prior to 1989).

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