Sump Pumps

The sump pump is part of the home's foundation drainage system, and has been a building requirement since 1988. It is usually located at the side of the house. Sump pump discharge spills on to a splash pad, concrete sidewalk or through a flexible hose to the common drainage swale. In newer areas the sump pump discharges on to the ground, with the exception of areas that have a very high ground water table, or those adjacent to a lake, ravine, or river. In those areas, sump pumps must connect to a storm service in order to minimize soil erosion (A Geotechnical Engineer determines this prior to the development of the area).

The weeping tile (a perforated hose adjacent to the foundation wall) intercepts ground water and drains it to the sump well. When the water level rises the sump pump starts and pumps the ground water over the foundation wall to the surface grade or to the foundation drainage service.

It is important to provide a splash pad and/or a flexible hose below the discharge point. This helps minimize soil erosion at the foundation wall and prevent the re-circulation of the ground water back to the weeping tile. The flexible hose and/or splash pad should be directed to the drainage swales but not onto an adjacent property or discharged less that 30cm from City property. To prevent the sump pump discharge hose from freezing, it should be disconnected during the winter months.

Please Note: Drainage Services receives a number of inquiries regarding excessive sump pump discharging. In the fall and winter, excessive flows result in inconvenient or dangerous icing conditions. To effectively address these concerns, Drainage Services will consider an alternative to discharging sump pump flows onto surface grade. Please refer to "SUMP PUMP INFORMATION" pamphlet for more information.

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